Gastric Pain Does Not Improve For Up To 1 Year?

Illustration of Gastric Pain Does Not Improve For Up To 1 Year?
Illustration: Gastric Pain Does Not Improve For Up To 1 Year?

Hello doctor, my name is hendra angdri, I am 31 years old. I have had gerd’s disease for 1 year 4 months r n7 months ago I did an endoscopic examination, and the endoscopy results said my stomach was mucous cardia dundus, mucosal corpus looked moderate hyper, esophageal mucosa break u0026gt; 5mm in 1 fold, hiatal hernia was positive, and the doctor gave my conclusion that grade A esophagitis was found. The biopsy results also found no pylori bacteria. R nAnd until now I still feel pain, especially in the gut, and sore in at some point, shortness of breath, belching accompanied by reflux sometimes … r nOh yes, my doctor has been taking lansoprazole for a long time, maybe when I drink it and combine it for one year taking lansoprazole, and now I have stopped all medicines, because sometimes when I drink lansoprazole, the chance of reflux is greater … And the heat is also hotter when I drink the PPI group .. what is more severe now I have a bowel movement disorder, or IBS … r n have to endoscopy again, and colonoscopy ?? Why is my pain never getting better, even though I have managed my stress level .. Moreover, I have to do a doctor, because I am desperate .. Thank you doctor

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Hello Hendra, Thank you for your question on

GERD is short for Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease, is a digestive tract disease caused by stomach acid that rises to the esophagus (reflux), this makes you nauseous, vomiting, chest feels hot and burning, even pain in the throat. This occurs because there is a disruption in the valve or sphincter in the lower part of the esophagus, normally this valve is tightly closed to hold the stomach contents from rising again, and when it is weak the stomach contents will rise again. Risk factors for GERD are obesity, delayed or delayed gastric emptying, pregnancy, smoking, dry mouth, asthma, diabetes. If you are currently taking lansoprazole which is a proton pump inhibitor class drug which is a stronger blocker against acid production than H2 receptor blockers and gives time for the damaged esophageal tissue to repair itself.

If your Gerd's disease does not heal and continues to recur, even though you have already treated it, you should go back to a doctor who specializes in internal medicine, consultant gastro-enterology and hepatologist (Sp at-KGEH), the doctor will examine you thoroughly, and will likely perform a repeat endoscopy. . because the symptoms you experience can also be other possibilities, namely: inflammation of the gallbladder, gallstones, gastritis or inflammation of the stomach wall, functional dyspepsia or GERD is indeed a very long healing process, it takes patience, discipline to take medication and change your lifestyle.

Some of the things you can do are

Eat regularly
Savor the food well, don't rush to swallow it
Eat small portions but often
Avoid lying down if you've eaten
Avoid carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks
Take control of the sters well

Thank you, hope this is useful. Dr. Nurmarwiyah

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