Gastric Polyps Disease?

Illustration of Gastric Polyps Disease?
Illustration: Gastric Polyps Disease?

Excuse me, I want to ask if there is a homemade natural remedy for gastric polyps?

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A gastric polyp is a bulge that appears due to an abnormal growth in the cells that line the inside of the stomach. Most polyps do not cause certain symptoms, are harmless, and most also do not increase the risk of developing cancer. However, there are several types of polyps that can increase a person's risk of developing stomach cancer.

Gastric polyps can appear for several reasons:

chronic inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), can be due to H.pylori infection, use of drugs such as NSAIDs, excessive stress, excess alcohol, autoimmune diseases, etc.
genetic disease (familial adenomatous polyposis)
routine use of acid-lowering drugs (PPIs - proton pump inhibitors)

Therapy for stomach polyps varies depending on the size and type of polyp. Polyps that are small and not adenoma generally do not cause any symptoms and do not require special therapy. The doctor may recommend regular monitoring to see the progress of the polyp. If a large polyp or polyp is an adenoma, it should be removed because it has the potential to turn into cancer.

For small polyps and not adenomas, the doctor may also recommend the use of drugs to lower stomach acid to reduce the inflammation that occurs, as well as treatment of H. pylori if the results of the examination do find these bacteria in the stomach. If your polyp is small and not an adenoma, you can read the following article about diet and healthy lifestyle to reduce stomach pain.

If the polyp found is large in size or the polyp found is an adenoma, then you are advised to take advice from your doctor to remove the polyp.

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