Gastritis Accompanied By Diarrhea And Bloody Nose?

Illustration of Gastritis Accompanied By Diarrhea And Bloody Nose?
Illustration: Gastritis Accompanied By Diarrhea And Bloody Nose?

good morning, want to ask u003cbr u003 two days ago I had an ulcer and diarrhea as well u003cbr u003edan yesterday I was in a kermh sick and was given gastric medication and diarrhea u003cbr u003 after last night I felt fever and vomiting when I ate 2 hours ago u003cbr u003edan this morning it was rather cold and when my nose was picked up there was a blood spot u003cbr u003that what kind of illness did I have? u003cbr u003etrims

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Hello Wendy Zhang Thank you for asking

Blood from the nose can actually be said with a nosebleed. This can occur by various factors for example:

Trauma or injury to the nasal cavity, for example due to rubbing, scraping, or when blowing snot that is too tight
Foreign objects stuck in the nasal cavity are more common in toddlers
Cold air
Irritation due to certain chemicals
Allergic reaction
l Infection of the upper respiratory tract
High blood pressure
Blood clotting disorders
As a result of consumption of certain drugs such as blood-thinning drugs
Take antihitamins, decongetan which make the nasal mucosa drier

If your nose has blood stains when you scrape your nose, it might be due to trauma or injury to the nasal mucosa as a result of you picking your nose. Where in the nasal cavity has blood vessels, and blood vessels in the nose are prone to rupture, especially if you have an injury.

Actually there is no direct relationship between heartburn and diarrhea that you experience with complaints of bleeding when you dig your nose. Therefore you should not worry too much thinking about it,

But here are some signs and symptoms of blood coming out of the nose that you need to be aware of, namely:

Excessive volume of blood comes out
Bleeding lasts more than 30 minutes
Nosebleeds or bleeding settings occur more than once a week for no reason
Bleeding in other parts of the body, such as bleeding gums, bruises

If these symptoms are found, you should ask your doctor for help at the nearest health facility.

To reduce this risk you should not scrape or rub your nose excessively or too often, if you are going to blow your nose do not need to be tight, if bleeding occurs keep calm and pinch the soft nose with your thumb until the blood stops coming out, compress the nose and cheek area with ice wrapped in cloth.

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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