Gear Shift When Using Braces?

Illustration of Gear Shift When Using Braces?
Illustration: Gear Shift When Using Braces?

… when I use the stirrup my teeth must be pulled out, after that it’s just pulled … basically what direction is the tooth withdrawal? Is it like the front teeth are just pulled back or the front and back teeth pull each other pulling?

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Hello M. Add, thank you for asking.

The use of orthodontic wire (stirrup) is adjusted to the condition of the teeth and abnormalities in the position of each individual tooth. Depending on the case, some people must undergo the extraction of several teeth before installing the wire. The purpose of the extraction is to make room for other teeth to be shifted. In the case of people who have rare teeth, it may not be necessary to have a tooth extracted. In people who already have some of their teeth pulled out because of cavities, then it is likely that the person also does not need to have another tooth extracted before installing the wire. In essence, if there is enough room for a tooth shift, it may not be necessary to have a tooth extracted, or a tooth extraction should be done but with a smaller amount.

Regarding the direction of shifting gears, also adjusted based on the needs of each individual, according to the case. The gear can be shifted back, or front, or right and left. Therefore, there is no specific standard in the direction of gear shifting. Of course the one who best understands this is the dentist who is treating you. We recommend that you discuss with your dentist to find out about what is the mechanism of smoothing your teeth.

Thus a brief explanation from me. May be useful. Regards.

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