Genital Acne?

Illustration of Genital Acne?
Illustration: Genital Acne?

Hello, my name is Melvin 16th, at that time my genital hair was plucked out and now I have a pimple filled with pus, from what I read this is folliculisis, can I solve this acne? Thanks

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If your pus-filled bumps naturally appear where the pubic hair grows, it is called folliculitis. If the lump is also in the surrounding tissue it is called a furuncle.

Folliculitis is inflammation that occurs in the hair follicle or where the hair grows which is usually caused by a bacterial infection. Symptoms that appear in folliculitis include:

Many small, red or pimple-like bumps appear on the skin where the hair grows. A painful lump filled with pus, may enlarge or burst. Itching and burning sensation on the skin.
Folliculitis is generally a mild disease but can become severe, causing hair loss and scarring. If your folliculitis is mild then it can be treated with home care and go away on its own. Some things that can be done include:

Clean the infected area with warm water and antibacterial soap. Make sure to always use clean clothes and towels. Avoid shaving, scratching, squeezing, or wearing clothes that are too tight on the infected area. If the infected area becomes red, swollen, warm, more painful, or starts to spread after 2 weeks, consult a doctor for proper treatment.

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