Gerd Causes A Cough

Illustration of Gerd Causes A Cough
Illustration: Gerd Causes A Cough

Doc, I want to ask, I’ve been burping for 3 days, shortness of breath, burning sensation in the chest, acid in the mouth, and then coughing, is that stomach acid ???? plus the state of the Covid-19 pandemic so I feel a little anxious, doc

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Hello Chaerin, thank you for asking at

I try to help explain.

GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is a mechanism of reflux or return of food flow or stomach acid from the stomach to the throat arha due to weak esophageal muscles. GERD is generally caused by consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods and too hot. Symptoms that arise in GERD include:

burning and burning sensation in the chest and throat area,
can be accompanied by vomiting
sour taste arises in the mouth.
sleep disturbance
coughing can occur

Cough complaints that are felt can be caused by reflux that occurs quite often, thus making the throat mechanism will cause a cough reflex. Meanwhile, if the symptoms of corona can be known from fever, cough (especially dry cough), and shortness of breath, as well as a history of traveling to areas affected by a corona outbreak or making close contact with patients who are positive for contracting the corona virus. You don't need to worry, just stay at home and do the following:

avoid spicy and fatty foods
avoid sleeping after eating
avoid alcoholic and fizzy drinks
avoid air pollution
Use a mouth cover when coughing or sneezing
keep your distance from other people
wash your hands after doing activities and especially before eating
Do not touch the mouth, nose and eyes if you have not washed your hands

if complaints that arise such as high fever, severe dry cough, or severe shortness of breath then immediately take it to the hospital to get further treatment.

Hope this helps, thank you.

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