Gestational Age 34 Weeks

Illustration of Gestational Age 34 Weeks
Illustration: Gestational Age 34 Weeks

Morning, I want to ask. Overnight in the morning the liquid came out rather pinkish. And this morning the blood came out of my miss v, the blood seemed to flow like that. Is that dangerous?

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

The condition of pregnancy with bleeding out on the genitals should be considered if in the UK 34 weeks with blood flowing should be checked immediately to the hospital so that it can be known whether it leads to labor or may also be caused due to the following things:

Placental abruption or any part of the placenta that is released must be treated immediately

Placenta previa is a condition of the placenta at the bottom of the area near the opening of the uterus
Vasa previa is a condition of blood vessels that run into the opening area of ​​the uterus

This should be checked by a special obstetrician. Some things you can do are

Lie down a lot
Avoid sex
Avoid exercise

Thus information may be useful

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