Get Shingles At 38 Weeks Of Gestation?

Illustration of Get Shingles At 38 Weeks Of Gestation?
Illustration: Get Shingles At 38 Weeks Of Gestation?

Good Night, r nI am pregnant with my first child after empty 4th and have Herpes at 38week. Before I was pregnant, I had never had Herpes. At the gestational age of 28week and 32week I was also exposed to Herpes zoster (according to the nurse at the Medical where I worked) and was given Acyclovir treatment. Is exposure to Herpes zoster dangerous for my fetus at 38 weeks of age? Is my husband at risk of infection if I have sex with my husband? Please explain for treatment and prevention so as not to relapse

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Hello Khodi,

Herpes zoster is caused due to infection with the Varicella zoster virus. This virus when it first attacks will cause chicken pox. Furthermore, the virus settles in the nerve tissue, and when the immune system weakens, then it can cause shingles. Herpes zoster can cause watery rashes such as blisters that are painful and hot on one side of the body, soreness, and fever.

Varicella zoster virus that infects pregnant women in the first trimester can cause spontaneous abortion / miscarriage, whereas if it affects pregnant women in the second and third trimesters, it can cause fetal defects, low birth control, and preterm birth.

Given that you are currently pregnant, I suggest that you check with your obstetrician first so that an examination can be done and you can be given safe treatment for pregnant women. Treatment of herpes is with antivirals and painkillers. Acyclovir is an antiviral which is quite safe for pregnant women. However, pregnant women should not take acyclovir without the doctor's recommendation. Consumption of all medicines during pregnancy should be under the supervision of a doctor to avoid unwanted side effects.

To prevent herpes zoster recurrence, the most important thing is to increase endurance with adequate rest, consumption of healthy and nutritious foods, drinking lots of water, avoiding stress, and exercising regularly (sports can be adjusted for pregnant women such as walking, yoga, exercise pregnant). Meanwhile, during herpes you should keep your body clean, wear loose and comfortable clothes, and take medication as directed by your doctor.

There is also no taboo for intimate relationships. As long as there are no herpes lesions in the genital area or do not have genital herpes (the cause of genital herpes is the herpes simplex virus), then intercourse can still be done. Herpes zoster itself is not necessarily contagious. Transmission of the Varicella zoster virus occurs through direct skin contact with the lesion or through respiratory droplets / air exchange. In this case, a person who has never had chickenpox when infected with a person who has shingles, what happens is that the person will get chickenpox.

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