Give Formula Milk In Addition To Breast Milk To 41-week-old Babies?

Excuse me, sorry I want to ask that I gave birth to my first child after 41 weeks of age. When the ultrasound was last before birth, the doctor stated that the weight was 2.5kg, but after birth it turned out that his weight was less than 2kg. help with giving baby milk as long as my ASI is not enough ,, ?? Thank you 🙏

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Good morning, thanks for asking at We understand your confusion. In general, regardless of whether a baby is born with a low weight or not, breast milk is the best nutrition he can get. This has been confirmed through decisions and agreements by the world health organization.

As for your case where the milk that you are expending is a little, do not immediately despair. What you should also remember is that even though your milk is a little, your baby's stomach is still very small, so the needs may not be as much as you think. In addition, there are many methods you can do to increase milk production, including by continuing to provide breast milk.

Breastfeeding is a bit of a problem for many mothers, unfortunately most mothers address this by not breastfeeding their children and immediately giving formula milk. In fact, by doing so, the stimulation given to the nipple actually decreases and results in breast milk that does not come out at all. If stimulation continues to be given, a little breast milk can actually increase.

In addition, other efforts that can be done are adequate rest, managing anxiety and stress well, eating foods that can increase breast milk, and taking certain medications prescribed by doctors to increase breast milk. So there are many steps you can take, and finally by going to a lactation doctor or obstetrician, to increase the amount of milk. Only when the doctor states that your milk is lacking and your child needs additional nutrition from formula milk, you give the milk to your child. So, hopefully answering your question.

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