Giving Antibiotics For Gonorrhea?

Illustration of Giving Antibiotics For Gonorrhea?
Illustration: Giving Antibiotics For Gonorrhea?

Good evening doctor, consultation permit. I am like a midwife, then my patient can complain of gonorrhea. Check with a skin specialist u0026amp; sex can be drugs 500 mg Azithromycin (2×2) and Asmef. The medicine ran out today, while the control is still 6 days away. At present the patient complains that there is no pus anymore, but it feels hot when urinating. Is it okay to wait for the control, I give Ceftriaxone 250 mg (IM) injection once a day doctor? Or just leave it without medication until waiting for control ?? Please advise … thanks

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Gonorrhea / gonorrhea is a venereal disease caused by a bacterial infection. Neisseria gonorrhoeae. This bacterium can be found in the fluid from the penis or vagina of gonorrhea sufferers. This disease can be transmitted through sexual intercourse both sexual intercourse through vaginal, oral or anal.

Gonorrhea disease can experience the following symptoms, including the discharge of pus from the urinary tract so it is often referred to as gonorrhea, pain during urination, can be accompanied by fever, pain in the genital area, itching in the genital area, pain in groin, if the infection has spread it can also feel pain in the lower abdomen.

In the treatment of gonorrhea used antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. In the use of antibiotics should be done in consultation with a doctor or dermatologist and dermatologist, it is not recommended to do the antibiotic injection alone without doctor's instructions. In addition, other symptomatic treatments can be given according to indications. Avoid changing the antibiotic treatment regimen alone without consulting a doctor, avoiding sexual relations with more than one partner, avoiding having sexual relations during the gonorrhea treatment period.

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