Giving Antibiotics In Complaints Often Urinate?

Illustration of Giving Antibiotics In Complaints Often Urinate?
Illustration: Giving Antibiotics In Complaints Often Urinate?


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Hello Ajii5, Thank you for the question.

Have you taken antibiotics to the end according to doctor's recommendations? Have you consulted your doctor again because you still experience frequent urination complaints?

Frequent complaints of urination can occur if you consume lots of water or consume caffeinated drinks. In addition, this complaint can also occur if someone experiences:

urinary tract infections (UTI)
kidney stones
urethritis (inflammation of the urinary tract and sperm)

prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland)
overactive bladder

If you are said to have a UTI and have taken antibiotics correctly but are still experiencing the same symptoms, this can occur because:

These bacteria are susceptible to antibiotics given by doctors
You have another medical condition
recurrent infections occur

You should consult with your doctor again. The doctor will again ask about your complaints, examine you, and conduct additional examinations such as urine tests, urine culture tests, and ultrasound. Urine culture examination may be carried out to grow the bacteria that causes the infection which is then followed by an antibiotic sensitivity test to find out which antibiotic can work against the bacteria. An ultrasound examination can be done to find out if you have other medical conditions. Please discuss more with your doctor.

For now, please do the following suggestions:

avoid the habit of holding BAK
multiply water consumption
Limit consumption of caffeinated beverages
avoid having free sex
Hopefully this information is useful.

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