Giving Antibiotics To Children Aged 1.5 Years?

Illustration of Giving Antibiotics To Children Aged 1.5 Years?
Illustration: Giving Antibiotics To Children Aged 1.5 Years?

Good afternoon doctor .. I want to ask .. my daughter is a girl aged 1 year 6 months, fever 4 days a day .. after a blood check the results are S.Paratyphi CH positive 1/80 and the doctor gave me antibiotics .. I have been taking my ankle code for 3 days. but after that I read articles about paratyphi with the same lab results as my child is still safe and does not need antibiotics .. how good y doctor, because I already gave antibiotics to my ank … Thank you 🙏

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Hello Rahma,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, from which source did you read the article?

Not all information in the article, whether spread through print or online, can be justified. Therefore, it is important for you to sort out which articles you can trust, and which don't.

Fever that does not heal in children most often indicates an infection, it could be due to a virus, it could also be due to bacteria. It could also be, fever is caused by other factors, for example side effects of drug consumption, side effects of immunization, exposure to extreme extreme temperatures, thyroid gland disorders, malignancy, to other inflammation in the body. Knowing exactly what causes this fever is not enough based solely on the results of blood tests alone. Blood tests are only supporting. To make a diagnosis, the results of blood tests cannot stand alone, but must be confirmed by the results of interviews, physical examinations, and other supporting tests carried out (for example if an ultrasound, stool examination, and so on).

In Indonesia, the results of blood tests as you mentioned do not clearly indicate the presence of severe infections from Salmonella paratyphi (or also called paratyphoid fever). Therefore, treatment will usually be given by considering the results of other examinations as well. If based on the results of interviews, physical examinations, or other supporting tests conducted by doctors suspect that there is a fairly severe bacterial infection, then antibiotics are clearly needed. However, if based on examination results it is suspected that it is not bacterial infection that is the main cause of your child's complaints, it may be that antibiotics are not needed. Doctors who examine your child directly, based on experience and competence, of course better understand what kind of treatment is best for you. The condition of your child, even though the results of the laboratory are exactly the same as the child in the article you are reading, is not necessarily an identical condition, so handling is not necessarily the same.

If your child's condition improves with the treatment of a doctor, you really don't need to worry too much. Make sure you take a closer look at your child's health, including one by paying more attention to the cleanliness and maturity of the food and drinks they consume. However, if your child's condition has not improved by handling a doctor, do not hesitate to ask for a second opinion by checking your child back to the doctor or other pediatrician, huh?

I hope this helps.

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