Giving Appetite Enhancing Vitamins For Children Aged 16 Months?

Illustration of Giving Appetite Enhancing Vitamins For Children Aged 16 Months?
Illustration: Giving Appetite Enhancing Vitamins For Children Aged 16 Months?

good morning, let me introduce myself, I’m febrina sovia. Here I want to ask: I have a 16-month-old child with a difficult eating situation, with the last BB 8.3 kg and TB 75 cm, still breastmilk and kdng2 use milk as well Here what I want to ask, what vitamins which is best for my child to consume to increase his lust and to optimize his development and growth ???

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Hello Febrina,

Thank you for the question.

At the age of 16 months, the optimal weight of the child is around 9 to 11.5 kg, while the height ranges from 76 to 82 cm. Therefore, referring to your information, your child's growth is less than optimal when compared to normal values ​​at his age.

Difficulty eating is one of the most common causes of stunted child growth. Not only that, your child's weight and height may not be optimal due to genetic factors or certain illnesses, such as digestive disorders, hormonal disorders, immune disorders, malignancies, and other chronic diseases.

It's best not to rush into giving your child medicine or supplements. Better, you first check with your doctor or pediatrician to examine more closely the possible causes of his condition, for example with the Mantoux test, x-rays, blood tests, stool tests, and so on. That way, of course the doctor can give him the best treatment so that his weight and height increase.

In the meantime, you can do it first:

 Give your child enough milk and water Give him also a variety of foods that have a balanced nutritional value, do not keep it so that the child's appetite increases, create a pleasant eating atmosphere, do not force him to eat, make food interesting for him, involve children in choosing their food menu, teach them to eat alone while accompanied, do not punish children when they do not want to eat Not accustom children to eating while walking, playing, or staring at gadgets In between meals, give him healthy snacks, such as cut fruit, juice, or non-MSG cookies. Keep the environment around the child. Do not get children to eat instant foods. Regularly control the child's growth and development to the nearest health facility every month.

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