Giving Birth With The Help Of A Midwife In The History Of Asthma Sufferers

Illustration of Giving Birth With The Help Of A Midwife In The History Of Asthma Sufferers
Illustration: Giving Birth With The Help Of A Midwife In The History Of Asthma Sufferers

Doc I want to ask. I am 9 months pregnant and have a history of asthma. Can I give birth at a midwife or puskesmas? Or do you have to give birth in a hospital?

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Hello Eni, thank you for consulting us on the website.

The decision to give birth with the help of a midwife / dipuskesmas or with an obstetrician in the hospital is very dependent on the severity of the asthma you have. Because basically every pregnant woman with asthma will show different symptoms from one person to another person.

What is highly recommended is that asthma during pregnancy can be truly controlled so that it is possible to have vaginal births, but if the lungs cannot function properly during labor and endanger the condition of the mother and fetus then the selection of SC by birth is highly recommended.

If your asthma tends to be in the mild degree category, which is very rarely experienced an attack during pregnancy, then it is likely to be able to deliver at a health center as long as the medical staff is trained and the equipment is adequate. However, if it does not meet, and your asthma condition is in a moderate or severe degree, it is strongly recommended to deliver in the hospital under the care of an obstetrician.

We suggest to consult directly with the obstetrician who cared for you so far, so that it can be decided whether you can deliver at the health center or should be in the hospital. And we strongly advise you to be able to control the asthma you have especially during pregnancy, namely by:

Take asthma medication regularly or according to the advice of the doctor who checks you directly
Avoid triggers for asthma such as cigarette smoke, dust, animal dander, and work that is too draining your energy
Routinely check yourself and your pregnancy
Monitor your fetal movements every day
Avoid exposure to respiratory tract infections by using a mask when leaving the house and not in contact with people with lung infections
Always pay attention to mild symptoms that lead to asthma attacks such as shortness of breath, coughing, yawning, chest pressure.

Thus the explanation from us, hopefully helps. And always take a few precautions as long as the corona outbreak, such as social distancing, frequent hand washing, wear a mask when traveling out of the house, and take care of your health.

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