Giving Cold Medicine For Babies Aged 7 Months?

Illustration of Giving Cold Medicine For Babies Aged 7 Months?
Illustration: Giving Cold Medicine For Babies Aged 7 Months?

I just checked with the midwife about my child having the flu for about 3 days. The midwife suggested buying alco drop medicine at the pharmacy because the midwife stock was empty, but I forgot when asking about the dose dosage given to my child. take alco drop and how about the dose?

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Colds (or often ordinary people call the flu) in infants can be a variety of possible causes, the most common are allergies or viral infections. Apart from these two causes, colds can also be caused by respiratory tract irritation, bacterial infections, anatomical disorders such as deviation of the nasal septum, to the entry of foreign objects into the nasal cavity. Benign or malignant tumors around the nasal cavity can also make babies experience prolonged colds.

Handling colds in infants can be done in various ways. Ideally, so that your baby gets the best treatment, you immediately check it with experts, namely doctors or pediatricians. That way, your baby can be handled properly according to the cause, as well as given a detailed explanation related to the procedure for the use of the drug (if it really needs to be given medicine, because not all colds need to be treated with medication). The medicine you mentioned doesn't belong to the class of over-the-counter drugs, so it's not right if we explain the procedure for its use in detail in a free forum like this. Better, you ask directly to the doctor who examined your baby huh ..

In addition to checking your baby to the doctor, you can help relieve colds experienced by:

Give your baby more milk and warm water
Give him also food with warm temperatures, also many fruits that are rich in vitamin C
Don't use a fan or the air conditioner is too cold around the baby
Use a humidifier when possible
Perform nasal irrigation if possible, by using a syringe that has been removed by the needle, fill with a solution of NaCl (infusion solution), then spray alternately into the nasal cavity
Keep the environment around the baby clean
Don't expose your baby to dust, excessive cold, dry air, smoke, pollution, and other substances that are prone to allergic reaction
Bathe your baby with warm water, also wear warm clothes

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