Giving Intermittent Milk With Milk

Illustration of Giving Intermittent Milk With Milk
Illustration: Giving Intermittent Milk With Milk

My child is ASI. And sometimes I alternated with milk even at most only 2x a day. And I noticed him if the chapter is crying and he strikes it seems to have defecated. But the poop is normal as usual. Only me if defecating like difficult. Is it because it is not suitable for milk or other docks? Because my child is confused nipples. And I was forced to Pumping but lately my milk began to start a little. That’s because I alternated milk

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First of all, you should explain first, what is the exact age of your child now? Has your child started to be given complementary foods (more than 6 months old)?

If the child is under the age of 6 months, then in fact you are better advised to give milk only to your child, no need to intersperse with formula milk. ASI production will basically increase if the breasts are often emptied. If you do not breastfeed your baby directly at all, then the possibility of your milk production decreases because you do not pump your milk as often as before or you do not pump until your breasts are completely empty. You should try to pump your breasts more often (every 2-3 hours), use a breast pump that can pump both breasts at once, and breast pumps at least 20 minutes or up to 5 minutes after the last drop of breast milk comes out. It would be better if you could start introducing your nipples back to your child because your child can suck and empty the breast more effectively than a breast pump.

Regarding your child's bowel movements, as long as you see normal stool (consistency is good, no blood, normal color) and the frequency of bowel movements is also normal as usual, the child's anus looks fine (no redness, no injury), so in fact you are not need to worry too much. Once again it would be better if you just return to breastfeeding for children and see again if the symptoms of crying when the chapter is still there.

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