Glambir Near Miss V?

Illustration of Glambir Near Miss V?
Illustration: Glambir Near Miss V?

Hello,. I want to ask, near my right side of the clitoris there is a glossy color a bit dark. This glambir has been around since I was in junior high school (now I’m 19th). And because at that time there was no effect and at that time I did not say to my parents, so I let it be. What is that actually? And how to handle it. thank you

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Hi yudiah90,

Thank you for asking

Previously, let us first explain to you about vaginal anatomy. The vagina is one part of the female reproductive organ that extends from the cervix to the perineum. In the vagina, there are various components, namely the vulva (vaginal lips), labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, Bartholin's glands, Skene's glands, and so on. The vagina is usually a tube-shaped pink to brownish red.

It is normal for a wattle-like mass to grow near the clitoris. This wattle may be part of the labia minora that does not undergo optimal recession due to variations in development during the womb. If this wattle does not grow bigger, and does not cause complaints, for example itching, pain, bleeding, menstrual disorders, sexual intercourse, and so on, chances are that this condition is not dangerous.

A mass in the vagina that needs to be suspected of being dangerous is if it appears for a long time, gets bigger in size, feels itchy, painful, bleeds easily, or causes disturbances in the process of urination, menstruation, and sexual intercourse. If this is the kind of condition you are experiencing, then you should check it directly with a doctor or specialist in skin and genitalia. This lump may be caused by an abnormality, such as genital warts, geburt myoma (benign uterine muscle tumor), other genital infections, tumors, and so on. The doctor may take a sample of the wattle and then examine the constituent cells microscopically.

In the meantime, you should not touch too often, pull, or give any therapy to the waves that appear without direct advice from a doctor. Always keep your intimate organs clean and dry so that you avoid the risk of infection, irritation, and other inflammation.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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