Glomerular Filtration Rate In Patients With Stage 1 Kidney Failure?

Illustration of Glomerular Filtration Rate In Patients With Stage 1 Kidney Failure?
Illustration: Glomerular Filtration Rate In Patients With Stage 1 Kidney Failure?

, in normal conditions the LFG value is more than 90 but why in the condition of stage 1 kidney failure the LFG value is also above 90. what’s the difference huh? thank you

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LFG or Glomerulus Filtration Rate is a unit used to assess the ability of the kidneys to work. This LFG shows how much blood is filtered by the glomerulus, or blood filter structure in the kidneys, every minute. LFG is influenced by serum creatinine values, age, and gender. Normal LFG values ​​are more than 90mg / mmol. LFG value is usually used to determine the stage of kidney failure experienced by someone.

There are 5 stages of kidney failure that are determined using LFG. Based on what you mentioned, stage 1 kidney failure is indeed indicated by an LFG that is more than 90mg / mmol which is equivalent to the LFG value under normal conditions. People with stage 1 kidney failure can have a normal LFG value, but keep in mind that although people with stage 1 kidney failure have normal kidney function (which is marked by normal LFG), there is an indication of kidney damage in stage 1 kidney failure. characterized by clinical symptoms such as nephrotic syndrome, nephritic syndrome, hypertension due to kidney disease, disorders of the urinary tract, appearance of kidney damage that can be seen from the results of investigations such as urine and radiological tests.

So, to diagnose someone has kidney failure and determine the stage, the doctor needs to further inquire complaints from patients, conduct physical examinations, and conduct investigations such as blood tests, calculating LFGs, radiological tests, to conclude this thoroughly.

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