Gonorrhea Infection Treatment Dosage?

Illustration of Gonorrhea Infection Treatment Dosage?
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My doctor wanted to ask if I had a complaint of gonorrhea by the clinic, it was recommended that I get an injection 6 times in 3 days. But in the fourth injection, my complaint was getting better, I didn’t drain pus. I want to ask, do I have to be injected 6 times in 3 days? Clinic doctors are not given anti-biotic drugs or anything like that. A r n r nThank you

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From the information you convey, if you are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection such as gonorrhea or gonorrhea, it is necessary to take medication, treatment, and prevention for the next stage.

Since gonorrhea infection is an infection caused by bacteria, antibiotic treatment can be recommended. While antibiotic drugs other than in pill or capsule form, antibiotic drugs are also available in injection form. Therefore, if the doctor who treats you recommends continuing treatment with injections, it is possible that the injectable drug given is in the form of antibiotics, so you are not given drugs to drink. This can be demonstrated by a positive therapeutic response.

So, you should continue your doctor's plan in treating gonorrhea infection, so that the dose of the drug given can help the healing process.

In addition, to prevent this risk from recurring and prevent the risk of other sexually transmitted infections from arising, you should take precautions by avoiding risky sex or avoiding sex outside of marriage. With this prevention, the risk of sexually transmitted infections which are more at risk can be prevented.

That is the information we can convey, also read PMS.

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