Good Morning Doctor?

Illustration of Good Morning Doctor?
Illustration: Good Morning Doctor?

I am 15 years old, I have chapters 4 times yesterday, my belch smells of vomiting, and I am nauseous

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Frequency of more frequent bowel movements (more than 3 times a day), accompanied by nausea and belching with bad odor, often indicates indigestion. What exactly this indigestion can only be determined through direct examination by a doctor. However, some of the most common conditions that cause these complaints include dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), gastroenteritis (intestinal infection), food allergies, intolerance or malabsorption, intestinal inflammation, food poisoning, and so on. As a result of these various conditions, intestinal motility can be disrupted, as a result the function of absorption of fluids and food juices can be disrupted, so there are various complaints that you experience.

If your condition is not treated properly, your appetite can decrease dramatically. As a result, the intake of nutrients that enter the body to support daily activities is reduced. Therefore, you can experience weakness, fatigue, and various other complaints. Our advice, first live the following tips:

Expand to drink warm water Eat small portions but often Do not eat foods that are acidic, spicy, high in gas. Eat more foods that are soft, fruity, and easy to digest. Only eat and drink cleanly processed, not snacks. carelessly compress nauseous stomach with warm water Not carelessly take medication Rest more regularly However, if your complaint still does not improve within 3 days, or other complaints appear more severe, such as fever, vomiting, weakness, diarrhea very thin, slimy, or bleeding, and so on, you should not delay checking yourself directly to the doctor or specialist in internal medicine in order to get the right treatment huh ..

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