Gout Medication

Illustration of Gout Medication
Illustration: Gout Medication

Doc, want to ask. My father had about a week of pain in the waist, he said gout. Well finally my father drinks a lot of u0026amp; taking gout from the pharmacy. But until now it still hurts and there are complaints of weakness. Because of lack of sleep the night, back and forth urinating. What medication should you take (the name of the medicine)? Like spinach. On web A he said ok, on web B he said to be avoided. So what food can and can’t dock? Thank you before

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Hello Aji Kesuma,

Thank you for the question.

Low back pain can indeed arise due to high uric acid levels (hyperuricemia). However, if this low back pain comes with weakness and frequent urination, chances are, your father's condition is triggered by other things, such as stones or kidney infections, bladder stones, cystitis, urinary tract infections, pelvic inflammation, prostate disorders, rheumatoid arthritis , diabetes, nerve nerves, intra-abdominal tumors, metabolic disorders, psychological disorders, and so on.

Determine whether your father's condition arises because of hyperuricemia or precisely because of other conditions, should not be careless. First, your father needs to see himself to the doctor. Not just a physical examination, usually, the doctor will recommend that he also undergo a urine examination, x-rays, ultrasound, or other supporting tests. If the doctor suspects your father has hyperuricemia, blood tests can also be done to determine the level of uric acid in his blood. Maybe also, the doctor will refer your father to an internist or urology surgeon to get more optimal treatment.

Handling complaints such as your father's may differ depending on the cause. Before it is clear and examined by a doctor, we do not recommend your father carelessly taking any medicine. Safer, first resolve his complaint by:

Compress warm waist pain, do not massage or sounded carelessly
Let him rest a lot
Don't like to hold back urination
Don't overdo heavy lifting
Regularly exercise every day you can
Maintain ideal body weight
Calm the mind, don't stress

Some foods are known to contain a lot of purines, so consumption should be limited to hyperuricemia sufferers. As for those included in the food group with high purine content are grains, nuts, seafood, and also innards. Spinach also contains purines, so consumption should be limited to hyperuricemia sufferers. However, compared to the various foods above, the purine content in spinach is relatively less, making it safer to consume, as long as it's not excessive.

Hope this helps ...

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