Green And Smelly Discharge During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Green And Smelly Discharge During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Green And Smelly Discharge During Pregnancy? Bing

Hello. I am 1 month pregnant and I have a green vaginal discharge with a pungent odor and itching in the pubic area. Before I was pregnant I also experienced vaginal discharge like now and the doctor gave me medicine but the effect of the drug was only for a while and then relapsed again. Is vaginal discharge dangerous during pregnancy?

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Abnormal vaginal discharge needs to be treated comprehensively, not only through drugs, but also by maintaining personal hygiene and also living a healthy lifestyle and sexual activity.

Vaginal discharge that is greenish in color, has a pungent odor, and feels itchy is mainly due to an infection. One of the most common causes of infection that causes complaints like this is due to the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis. Even so, it is also possible that there are other microorganisms that also cause complaints as you are experiencing, such as fungi, bacteria, or viruses.

It could also be, abnormal vaginal discharge is exacerbated by hormonal changes (including during pregnancy), stress, malignancy (eg cervical cancer), irritation of intimate organs, or vaginal fistulas (abnormal tubes that connect the vagina to other organs, such as the rectum, anus, or bladder). urine).

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy should be handled properly. This is because, if this vaginal discharge is caused by an infection, the microorganisms that cause this infection can ascend to the uterus and are at high risk of causing premature contractions. If these contractions are strong enough to occur at a very young gestational age, then you are at risk of miscarriage.

Therefore, re-examine your complaint to a gynecologist so that it is handled thoroughly. Doctors will generally recommend a urine examination or ultrasound to make clear the cause of your vaginal discharge. Furthermore, treatment will be given, of course, taking into account the safety aspect for the fetus you are carrying.

In addition to taking medication from a doctor, optimize your vaginal discharge healing by maintaining good genital hygiene. No need to use vaginal care products that contain fragrance, such as soap, spa, pantyliner. Choose underwear that is soft and absorbs sweat, avoid using linen pants. ONLY do healthy sexual activity, which is faithful to 1 partner and avoid having sex with people whose sexual history is not clearly known. And also, avoid your genitals from entering harmful foreign substances.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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