Greenish Vaginal Discharge Such As Tissue?

Illustration of Greenish Vaginal Discharge Such As Tissue?
Illustration: Greenish Vaginal Discharge Such As Tissue?

Hello good morning … I want to ask you a lot of leucorrhoea, the color is a little greenish and the shape is like tissue already hit by water … why is that ?? Is that dangerous ?? Then what to do?? The story was short before I took the manjakani pills, after that, so, and now I have stopped taking the pills. Thank u

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Hi Erna,

Thank you for asking

Leucorrhoea that is greenish in color and resembles tissue when exposed to wet is not normal vaginal discharge. Most likely, vaginal discharge like this indicates an irritation or infection of your reproductive organs.

Irritation in the reproductive organs can be caused by the use of deodorizing soap, sanitary napkins, spermicides, sexual lubricants, or certain irritating clothing. Meanwhile, infections in the reproductive organs can be caused by parasites, bacteria, fungi, or viruses, for example trichomonas vaginalis, bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, candidiasis, and so on.

It is also possible, abnormal vaginal discharge as you experience occurs due to imbalanced hormones, vaginal fistulas, to malignancies around the reproductive organs (for example cervical cancer, Bartholin gland cancer). Unfortunately, there is still limited accurate information available about the exact composition of the pill you mentioned. Therefore, we are not authorized to assess the potential association with your vaginal discharge at this time.

To be handled properly, you need to see yourself directly to a doctor or dermatologist. Sampling of vaginal secretions, urine tests, IVA tests, pap smears, and ultrasound may be done by the doctor in accordance with his suspicion of the diagnosis of your complaint. That way, then the doctor can give you the best management.

For now, you should do:

Not always having sex that involves penetration, in order to minimize transmission to your partner
Even after being declared cured, make sure you only have sex with a partner who has a good sexual history (stay away from free sex)
Always keep your sex organs clean, rinse from front to back when you have finished urinating (not vice versa)
Do not carelessly use fragrance soap, sanitary napkins, spermicides, and sexual lubricants around the vagina
Drink more
Don't make it a habit of holding back urination

Hope this helps ...

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