Greenish White Mucus Coming Out Of The Vagina?

Illustration of Greenish White Mucus Coming Out Of The Vagina?
Illustration: Greenish White Mucus Coming Out Of The Vagina? Bing

I still don’t understand, I want to ask I have never had sex but greenish white mucus comes out, the color is not too green, a little bit greenrnAm I not keeping my vagina clean? I always wear pantyliners…

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Hello good morning Selena.

Mucus from the vagina is actually a normal thing, commonly referred to as vaginal discharge. This mucus serves to help remove dirt in the form of dead cells and bacteria from the cervix and vagina so that the condition of the female area remains clean. In addition, mucus is also produced when a person is sexually aroused, and serves as a lubricant during sexual intercourse.

Normal vaginal discharge is colorless or slightly whitish in color, odorless, does not itch, and the amount is not excessive, which is not to the point that you have to change your underwear. A slightly greenish discharge can indicate the presence of the following conditions:

bacterial infection of the vagina, for example due to the bacteria Gardenella vaginalis, or the disease is called bacterial vaginosis. The vaginal discharge is grayish white and has a fishy smell. This complaint is not accompanied by itching. Bacterial vaginosis is not transmitted through sexual intercourse. The treatment is by giving antibiotics for vaginal yeast infections, which are caused by the fungus Candida albicans, or the disease is called Candidiasis. Typical complaints of candidiasis are itching, thick and lumpy vaginal discharge like stale milk, and odorless. The treatment is by using anti-fungal drugs. Parasitic infections in the vagina, one of which is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis, causing trichomoniasis. This disease is transmitted through sexual contact. Symptoms of trichomoniasis other than a greenish vaginal discharge are frothy, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, followed by pain during urination or pain during sexual intercourse, and itching. Treatment of this disease is to give antibiotics. etc. To find out the cause of your complaint, it is recommended that you see a doctor so that the doctor can directly examine the description of the vaginal discharge and the condition of the vaginal canal. Additional laboratory tests of vaginal mucus smears may be required. Once the cause is known, the treatment can be determined, whether to use antibiotics or antifungals. The type of treatment is also religious, some are in the form of drinking drugs or ointments that are applied to the inside of the genitals.

The following are things that can prevent vaginal discharge due to infection:

keep the vagina clean, wash the feminine area from front to back using a tissue without perfume or a clean towel after every time you wash your vagina after urinating, so that the feminine area is always dry, use clean, not tight, and absorb sweat underwear. Change underwear twice a day or more (if it feels damp, you should change underwear) Do not use special soap for the feminine area because it can result in reduced levels of good bacteria in the vagina which function to fight bad bacteria, parasites and fungi. Avoid using pantyliners because this can make The vaginal area becomes more moist and further facilitates fungal, bacterial, or parasitic infections. Hopefully it's useful.

Regards, dr. Denisa

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