Greenish Yellow Discharge And Itching?

Illustration of Greenish Yellow Discharge And Itching?
Illustration: Greenish Yellow Discharge And Itching? Bing

… I want to ask … lately my vagina is often greenish yellow vaginal discharge and itchy … how do I deal with it …???

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Hello Goddess Lamera Haryanto

Basically there are 2 kinds of vaginal discharge, normal and abnormal.

The characteristics of normal vaginal discharge are:

clear color, or white odorless, does not cause itching or burning

Characteristics of abnormal vaginal discharge is the opposite of the above: green, gray, brown, smelly, or causes itching or burning in the pubic area.

Causes of abnormal vaginal discharge:

Fungal, bacterial, or parasitic infections Overgrowth of normal bacteria The habit of doucheing the side effects of drugs

based on the characteristics you mentioned, it is likely that you have an infection, and if so, then treatment of course requires antibiotics. This of course must be confirmed by laboratory tests. you should go to the doctor and be examined, then not have sex for a while because there is a possibility that you can infect your partner.

Here's how to take care of your pubic area:

change your panty liner when it is wet avoid underwear that is too tight Always clean the pubic area from front to back after defecating dry your pubic area after urinating or defecating, stay away from excessive moisture Dry the pubic area before using underwear after urinating or defecating so as not to too moist Don't douche

That's my answer, I hope it's useful

dr. Irna Cecilia

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