Greenish Yellow Discharge, Itchy But Odorless?

Illustration of Greenish Yellow Discharge, Itchy But Odorless?
Illustration: Greenish Yellow Discharge, Itchy But Odorless?

, I read that the whitish mucus until it is green is considered abnormal vaginal discharge. You mean green here is all green or what do you think? Because I had vaginal discharge every day, sometimes it was white with a little green or yellow, the vagina didn’t sting, it didn’t smell bad, it itched a little several times. I had pap smears and lab tests and the results were my vaginal discharge due to fungus. I was given medicine and a few weeks later my vaginal discharge returned. Is this okay?

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Hal Leeminah, thank you for your question

Leucorrhoea is actually normal for women who have entered reproductive age. This fluid / mucus comes from glands in the vagina and cervix (cervix), useful for removing dead cells and bacteria. However, some of the following criteria for normal vaginal discharge need to be considered:

clear to whitish, odorless, not accompanied by itching or burning around the genital area, the amount is around 2-5 ml / day, especially experienced before menstruation, during ovulation, or during pregnancy. If any of the above criteria are not met, it is classified as as abnormal vaginal discharge. Greenish vaginal discharge can be caused by fungal infections, parasites, or both. It is not uncommon for green discharge accompanied by itching or burning around the female area, even pain when urinating. In order to determine the appropriate treatment, a diagnosis must first be made. Therefore, it is better if abnormal vaginal discharge be checked by a skin and genital specialist or a gynecologist.

Next, the doctor will do an examination of the female area, as well as take a sample of vaginal mucus for examination in the laboratory. If vaginal discharge tends to recur, the doctor may recommend drug sensitivity tests. While waiting for your doctor's treatment, you are advised to:

maintain the cleanliness of the female area by rinsing the area with clean water from front to back, make sure to dry in the same direction before wearing the pants, you should not use feminine cleaning products that are fragrant or contain antiseptic, do not use pantyliners every day when menstruating, change the sanitary napkin every 4 hours or more often avoid tight pants. Hopefully this is useful

dr. Lili

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