Greenish Yellow Discharge With Odor?

Illustration of Greenish Yellow Discharge With Odor?
Illustration: Greenish Yellow Discharge With Odor? Bing

I am a teenager who has never had sex at all. But every day I always have vaginal discharge accompanied by a strange smell and color, sometimes yellow, sometimes almost green and thick. I always feel itching in my vagina, I’ve checked but there is no result that shows this vaginal discharge is cured. Is this normal or not? Thank you

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Hi Anadien, thanks for the question. Vaginal discharge is a condition in which there is excessive production of fluid from the vagina. This condition must have been experienced by every woman. Vaginal discharge is divided into normal and abnormal vaginal discharge. Normal vaginal discharge is caused by the influence of hormones which usually occurs at the time of menstruation, fertile period and pregnancy. This normal vaginal discharge is white or clear without any complaints that arise.

Meanwhile abnormal vaginal discharge is usually caused by:

fungal infection
bacterial vaginosis
pelvic inflammation

Green and thick discharge is usually caused by a parasitic infection such as trichomoniasis. However, it is necessary to have a culture examination of your vaginal discharge sample to determine the exact cause of the vaginal discharge you are experiencing. Trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis is treated with antibiotics for a certain period of time. But you should see a doctor first to get further examination. Handling vaginal discharge is needed not only treatment but also good feminine hygiene care

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dr. Anissa

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