Groin Pain At 37 Weeks’ Gestation?

Illustration of Groin Pain At 37 Weeks’ Gestation?
Illustration: Groin Pain At 37 Weeks’ Gestation?

My cellphone was 28 November, I was pregnant with my 3rd ank. Right now, I feel pain in the groin up to my thighs, my fetus keeps moving, because the movement makes the pain unbearable until I get cold sweat. Has this entered the opening for labor?

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Hello Vhe,

Gestational age You have entered the age of enough months so that it is normal for labor (age 37-40 weeks). But complaints of pain in the groin is not necessarily caused by a sign of going to birth yes.

Pain in the groin during pregnancy is one of the complaints that is quite often experienced. Pain in the groin is related to hormonal changes where the mother's body produces relaxin hormones so that stretching of muscle supporting tissues around the pelvis, increasing the size of the fetus and also the weight of the fetus.

As for the signs of childbirth, in addition to the pain in the groin, you can also pay attention to the following things:

Mucus discharge from the birth canal
The more rapid the contractions the more often, the stronger, and the more organized
Feel like you want to poop
Hard to sleep
Pain / cramps in the back and stomach
More frequent urination
Broken amniotic fluid
Widening and opening of the cervix

If you experience some of the signs of childbirth above, I suggest that you exercise control of the pregnancy with your doctor or midwife of your choice so that you can be examined further to see if you have entered a trial period or not. Also when in control the doctor can also check the condition of your fetus.

While waiting for control, you can do the following tips:

Do relaxation
Use a special belt for pregnant women
Avoid tight pants and better wear loose clothes
Get enough rest
Sleeping on your left side
Avoid lifting objects too heavy
Start preparing the needs needed during labor

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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