Grok2 Baby In Breathing?

Illustration of Grok2 Baby In Breathing?
Illustration: Grok2 Baby In Breathing?

Hello, my age is one month old when I breathe and it falls down normally

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Hello Dyan Fatin Ramadhani Msi,

Newborns occasionally make a grumpy sound while breathing. Breath sounds in babies generally arise due to a blockage in the baby's nose due to mucus or milk leftover while breastfeeding. The sound of grok-grok like someone snoring can also arise if there is mucus in the base of the baby's throat.

Baby's breath sounds can also be a sign of certain respiratory diseases such as bronchiolitis, epiglotitis, foreign body source, pneumonia. Generally, abnormalities in the respiratory tract are also accompanied by other symptoms such as:

 Rapid breathing> 60 times per minute in newborns to <2 months of age Flared nostril lobes Pull the chest wall Bluish fever in the mouth and fingers sounds accompanied by the symptoms above should immediately bring the baby to the doctor. If it is only caused by residual mucus or dried milk around the nostrils, you can clean it yourself with a special mucus suction device for babies' noses. Consider using a special humidifier and avoiding babies from air pollution and cigarette smoke. Position the baby, especially the head of the neck properly during sleep, so that the airway is open and does not cause breath sounds grok-grok.

Babies can experience weight loss in the first 1 week of life. After that the baby is expected to experience weight gain and regain birth weight at the age of 2 weeks. Babies are expected to gain weight 25-30 grams per week.

Decreased weight at 1 month of age can be caused by:

 Frequency of breastfeeding that is not frequent enough. Newborns need to be breastfed every 2-3 hours. The duration of breastfeeding is lacking. Once giving breast milk for at least 8-10 minutes and make sure the baby sucks well and the milk comes out a lot. The baby is sick Try to make sure first the milk that you give has met the minimum needs of your baby. If weight still stays down, you should take the baby to the doctor so that it can be examined factors that cause weight gain that does not want to rise even though the nutrition provided is sufficient. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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