Growing Meat Between Cavities

Illustration of Growing Meat Between Cavities
Illustration: Growing Meat Between Cavities

Congratulations Malak Doctor My gum is hollow for a long time and starts to grow meat, the meat is getting bigger and bigger

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Meat that grows in the middle of cavities is called a pulp polyp. Pulp polyps usually appear in the middle of teeth that have long cavities and are not treated properly. These pulp polyps can occur due to chronic inflammation of the pulp (the center of the tooth). Although usually does not cause any symptoms, pulp polyps can make food and dirt more easily stuck in the middle of the tooth and more difficult to clean so that it will increase the chance of further infection and inflammation.

To treat pulp polyps, you should consult a dentist. Pulp polyps can only be removed by surgical removal of polyps. After that cavities must also be managed. If the teeth are still strong enough to hold the fillings, your dentist will patch your teeth, if the teeth are very fragile, then you will be advised to pull out your teeth to replace them with dentures / dental implants. If your pulp polyp is not currently too disturbing, do a check immediately after the corona virus pandemic is over. Meanwhile, you can try to clean your teeth more carefully and thoroughly, to prevent food from getting stuck between the polyps and teeth. If you see any signs of infection in your teeth (painful, looks very swollen, bleeds easily, or pus comes out), the examination should not be postponed.

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