Growth And Development Of Babies Aged 16 Months?

Illustration of Growth And Development Of Babies Aged 16 Months?
Illustration: Growth And Development Of Babies Aged 16 Months?

Hello. My child is 16 months old, his BB is at a fever of 8.5 kg, now he is eating solid adult food, still breast milk, drinking milk must still be invited to play, hyperactive. What should I do to raise the BB? Kmren has received vitamin food supplements from pediatricians. And if the SPA control doctor also never questioned his BB. Please answer yes. Thank you

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Hi Ika,

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If your baby is a boy, his weight at 16 months should range from 9.3 to 11.7 kg. Meanwhile, if your baby is a girl, her weight at 16 months normally ranges from 8.7 to 11.2 kg. Therefore, indeed, at first glance your child's weight seems not optimal. However, you need to know, in determining whether a child's growth is normal or not, there are various other aspects that must be assessed, not only age and weight, but also height, history of weight at birth, history of gestational age at birth, and also history of illness those suffered before. Therefore, it is more appropriate if you consult this matter directly to the doctor or pediatrician who checks your baby directly.

The baby's body weight that is not optimal can occur due to various factors, including due to lack of nutritional intake in food and drink, digestive disorders (for example due to intestinal worms, inflammation of the intestine, intolerance, malabsorption, poisoning, or digestive infections), chronic diseases (for example due to tuberculosis, congenital heart disease, malignancy, immune disorders), genetic (hereditary), and so on. The condition of your baby who previously had a fever, may also drain calories in his body, so that his body becomes thinner.

In fact, there is no requirement for 16-year-old babies to consume formula milk in addition to their milk and feed. Giving formula milk should only be done after consulting directly with the doctor, because the milk needs of each baby can be different.

Our advice, check your baby's condition directly to the doctor. Also make a record of the schedule and method of food for 1 to 2 weeks back and report to the doctor so that he can evaluate the possibility of his condition. Also explain to him how your baby's health condition from birth until now. In this way, doctors are usually able to determine the best interventions, such as by giving milk or additional supplements, further examinations (for example Mantoux tests, ultrasound, x-rays, laboratory tests), drug administration, dietary arrangements, and so on.

At home, you can first make the following efforts:

Keep giving your baby milk as needed
Improve the quality of your milk by drinking and eating nutritious foods
Also give your baby balanced, varied nutritional value foods, with portions and consistency that is appropriate for his age
Give the baby enough to drink
Avoid giving excessive food or instant drinks to babies
If there are people around babies who have infectious infections, keep them away from them first
Make sure the environment around the baby is clean and comfortable
Periodically control baby's growth and development at the nearest health facility

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