Growth In Children With Hydrocephalus From The Womb?

Illustration of Growth In Children With Hydrocephalus From The Womb?
Illustration: Growth In Children With Hydrocephalus From The Womb?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Hydrocephalus is a condition where there is a buildup of fluid in a part of the brain called the ventricles. This condition is caused by an imbalance between the amount of brain fluid produced and the amount of brain fluid that is absorbed into the bloodstream. Gradually, this fluid will continue to increase and suppress the surrounding brain tissue. If you continue to be depressed, this situation can damage tissue and weaken brain function.

Among the several factors that increase a person's risk for hydrocephalus are:

Infection in the mother while the fetus is still in the womb Infection of the baby's central nervous system Bleeding in the brain due to head injury Obstructed flow of brain fluids

In diagnosing hydrocephalus, the obstetrician will usually see an increase in head size and a buildup of fluid through ultrasound, MRI or CT scan. For treatment, the main treatment is surgery to remove excess brain fluid using a shunt or a tube that connects the inside of the head to other parts of the body to drain the excess fluid.

Postoperative control of children under 2 years of age on average was performed every 6-12 months thereafter, and at 2 years of age and over, control was usually performed every 2 years.

Regarding your question, abnormal growth can occur and is one of the long-term complications of hydrocephalus. However, what should be known is that this condition varies greatly from child to child and is often difficult to predict. As we have said, this hydrocephalus condition can suppress the structure of the brain. So simply put, how likely they are to complicate your child's development will depend on how much structure is stressed before getting treated.

If the condition of hydrocephalus is already well developed at birth, the possibility of significant intellectual, developmental and physical disorders may occur. But in less severe cases, if handled properly, there will be little or no complications. In essence, this condition depends on the severity, time of diagnosis and acceptance of treatment. Consult your pediatrician again about the certainty of the severity and development of your child.

Besides, apart from following your doctor's recommendations, nothing really is too different in triggering your child's growth. Give exclusive breastfeeding, pay attention to continued growth and development, routinely control the pediatrician, provide immunizations according to schedule, keep away from exposure to cigarette smoke, dust, pollution and so on. Hopefully that way, your child can get maximum growth and development regardless of the current condition.

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