Growth Of Molars?

Illustration of Growth Of Molars?
Illustration: Growth Of Molars?

, I don’t know my graham teeth are growing on the top back or it’s not graham teeth. At first I thought it was Graham’s teeth and it will grow soon, but when I saw there were two lumps above then there were 3 separate little white colors, I was a little doubtful because the 3 white colors had grown for a long time but still didn’t enlarge like other lower graham teeth which still just growing. Please explain whether my Graham tooth needs surgery or is there any other disease? Thank you

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Hi Vira,

Thank you for asking

The appearance of a mass (lump) and a whitish color on the back of the gum may indeed be the forerunner of a tooth that has not yet erupted. In adolescents or young adults, these teeth are usually third molars (wisdom teeth). Normally, this tooth will erupt at the age of 19 to 25 years.

The eruption of the third molars is often hampered by impact (buried in the jaw or gum) or improper position (eg oblique or pressing against another tooth). This condition often causes inflammation severe enough to make the gums feel painful, reddish, swollen, or even interfere with jaw function.

In addition to the unerupted teeth, it is also possible that the lumps and whiteness at the end of your jaw may occur due to other causes, such as abscesses, gingivitis, plaque, polyps, mucoceles, fibromas, fungal infections, and so on. It is difficult for us to identify exactly what causes the condition without conducting an in-person examination.

Therefore, you should visit the dentist directly at the nearest health facility. If it is true that your condition occurs due to an erupted tooth and causes inflammation, then the doctor may recommend that you undergo surgery to a dentist who specializes in oral surgery. However, if the cause is different, the handling will be different.

In the meantime, you should focus on better maintaining the health of your teeth and mouth. The trick is to brush your teeth regularly in the morning, evening, and night before going to bed followed by gargling with gram water. Avoid grabbing or picking up the white lumps and patches that appear on the gums forcibly. If signs of inflammation appear as mentioned above, you can first take paracetamol to relieve it.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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