Illustration of Gulped?
Illustration: Gulped?

Hello wr. wbI’m 18 years old Izzah, permission to ask, is swallowing too much spit dangerous? Because I often swallow hard without reason. And why does it occur? Please help. Thank you

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Hello, thank you for the question to

Basically the salivary glands of humans are always producing saliva at any time and never stop. So that saliva does not collect in the oral cavity or drip out, of course, this saliva needs to be swallowed. Humans do have a reflex to swallow, so when enough saliva has accumulated in the oral cavity, this swallowing reflex will be activated and consciously or unconsciously you will swallow your saliva. This is a very normal thing to happen and there is no reason to swallow saliva.

If you feel your saliva production is excessive (hypersalivation), then there are many possible causes, including:

 you are hungry, you are approaching your meal time, or you see or smell good food you are feeling nauseous in the respiratory tract disorders of the tooth structure or the presence of dentures in the mouth there are injuries or sores in the mouth of certain diseases and so on If you really experiencing hypersalivation or excessive production of saliva at any time, you should try to see a doctor for further evaluation and management.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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