Gum Hurt

Illustration of Gum Hurt
Illustration: Gum Hurt

dock. I have molars behind to sleep, but I have no problem with the molars dock. the problem is that my gums are often bitten because the molars are slightly submerged. at night it gets bitten hard and there are lump spots and a little pain. ask for advice to cure gums and good actions against my molars.

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Hello Leonardo,

Thank you for the question.

The position of graham teeth that sleep can cause graham teeth on the other side of the jaw often hit the gum. This condition can make the gums become inflamed, so that it feels painful, swollen, forming lumps, and can even experience repeated injuries. Not infrequently, if oral hygiene is not maintained properly, there can be a secondary infection in the inflamed gums, until finally forming festering wounds or abscesses that make handling even more difficult to do.

If the focus of the problem is pure graham teeth in a sleeping position, then this condition should be treated by pulling the graham teeth. In addition, it can also be given several types of drugs to overcome inflammation in the affected gums. For that, you can check yourself directly to the nearest dentist.

However, during a pandemic like this, if it is not an emergency, then the revocation can be postponed. Therefore, if your complaint feels mild, you should relieve it first by:

Chew the food on the side of the other graham teeth, which does not experience problems
Limit consumption of hard and sticky foods first
Be more diligent in brushing your teeth after every meal and before going to bed, followed by gargling using warm salt solution
If the pain is disturbing, take the drug paracetamol first to relieve it
Get plenty of rest and don't smoke

If the complaint feels very disturbing to you, or signs of infection appear as we have mentioned above, you can check yourself directly to the nearest health facility to find the best solution.

Hope this helps ...

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