Gums Aching When Chewing?

Illustration of Gums Aching When Chewing?
Illustration: Gums Aching When Chewing?

Tonight I want to ask about gum near the jaw that hurts when used to chew food that is rather hard and chewy. Previously 2 years ago I underwent surgical removal of wisdom teeth (impaction). After recovering I started eating foods that were hard and chewy (co / meat, aci, etc.) and after eating I felt that the former operation felt a little swollen and tender … For a size of 2 years is that reasonable or not? I’m worried that the former operation will reopen

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Hello Diana,

Thank you for the question.

After wisdom tooth impaction surgery, healing generally takes place in 1 to 4 weeks. When recovering, you should no longer experience problems when eating, including because of pain or other uncomfortable sensations as you are experiencing at this time.

If after 2 years postoperatively your wisdom teeth still feel pain and discomfort in the gums, this could be a sign of gum inflammation (gingivitis) whose triggers can vary, for example tartar, cavities, cavities, oral infections or other organ systems , hormonal fluctuations, drug side effects, immune disorders, allergies or irritation due to the use of certain toothpaste or mouthwash, and many other possibilities. This condition may be related to wisdom teeth and the surgery you have had before, maybe not.

To be clear, it's a good idea to check back to the nearest dentist. Depending on the cause, later the doctor can provide you with a variety of treatments, for example given drugs, scaling (treatment of tartar), and so on. Here are our initial suggestions:

Overcome the pain in your gums first by rinsing using a salt solution and taking the drug paracetamol
As long as it still hurts, don't eat food that is hard, sticky, too cold, or too hot
Regularly brush your teeth and rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash so that the health of your teeth and mouth is always maintained
Get plenty of rest, don't smoke, and live a healthy lifestyle

Hope this helps ...

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