Gums Protrude Between The Teeth?

Illustration of Gums Protrude Between The Teeth?
Illustration: Gums Protrude Between The Teeth?

Morning, this morning I found between my front teeth there was a lump like flesh, like a gum that had grown or enlarged. If pressed, it doesn’t hurt that much but is prone to bleeding. The color is much redder than gum in general. Its position in my front teeth, so it is rather uncomfortable to see and clearly visible when I’m talking. I wonder what is the meaning of these symptoms and how to overcome them? Thanks.

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Lumps in the gums can be caused by various dental and oral diseases. Gums are pink soft tissue inside your mouth, which has the function of where your teeth are. If cleanliness is not maintained properly, it can invite various diseases, one of which is a lump in the gums.

As for several causes of the appearance of lumps in the gums, including:

  Gum inflammation (gingivitis) is a common disease in your gums. This disease causes the gums to become irritated, reddish, causing swelling, and lumps in your gums. Mucoceles are also known as mucous cysts, which are fluid-filled lumps that commonly appear on the lips or mouth, and your gums. Dental abscesses are collections of pus that can form in the teeth, gums, or bones that hold your teeth. This condition is caused by a bacterial infection. from complaints that you call as easy pain and bleeding seems to be caused by infection you should consult yourself to the dentist so that the doctor can examine the lump directly handling as what later needs to be done will be adjusted to the cause of the lump, can be enough with observation, administration of drugs, until surgery.

There are a number of things you can do right now

 not holding or pulling the lump forcibly eating healthy and nutritious foods especially those containing vitamin C after brushing your teeth, it is recommended to use herbal medicine which can help reduce plaque and prevent gum inflammation. routine consultation every 6 months to have your teeth checked by a dentist so can I give you info

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