Gynecological Problems?

Illustration of Gynecological Problems?
Illustration: Gynecological Problems?

Tonight .. nI want to ask, in my first pregnancy there was a problem when I gave birth to a new baby and now it’s dead, is it going to be risky in the next pregnancy to give birth to a new baby? NHow to prevent a new baby … n n .

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From the information you have conveyed, a history of childbirth with LBW conditions or low birth weight (less than 2500gram) will pay special attention to you in future pregnancies. In women with previous pregnancy and childbirth problems / problems, it is called a bad pregnancy pregnancy or a history of high-risk pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to know the causes and risks of LBW in previous pregnancies. By knowing the cause, the risk is reduced and avoided in subsequent pregnancies, thereby reducing the risk of LBW in subsequent pregnancies.

Some of the causes or risk factors for childbirth with LBW are:

1. high blood pressure

2. malnutrition during pregnancy or the nutritional needs of pregnant women are not balanced

3. stress or anxiety that bothers you during pregnancy

4. baby twins

5. congenital disease

6. smoking

7. alcohol

By preventing these risk factors and carrying out routine controls to the obstetrician during pregnancy, it is hoped that it can reduce the risk of repeated labor with LBW.

Discuss with your obstetrician before you become pregnant and during pregnancy, so that your doctor can provide good supervision of the health of the mother and fetus.

That is the information we can convey, also read LBW.

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