Habit Of Biting Fingers Until Peeling?

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,I want to ask. I have a habit of biting the skin of my fingers. Until they peel off and have a different color. r nWhat disease is this habit? and How do I restore my finger skin to its original state? Thank you and ask for a reply💫

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Hello Christabel, thank you for the question for HealthReplies.com

The habit of biting fingers and nails is also called onychophagia. This onychophagia can be classified under obsessive compulsive disorder because it has characteristics similar to obsessive compulsive disorder such as an unreasonable or unnatural desire or urge to perform a repetitive act, in this case biting the nails and the skin around them. Some people bite their nails to channel emotions, stress, or anxiety.

In fact, biting your nails rarely causes any particular harm or health problem other than cosmetic problems. The following are some of the negative effects of nail biting:

spoil the appearance of fingers and nails
tooth decay
can increase the risk of infection

Some things you can do to break this habit include:

cut your nails short
Apply a layer with a bitter taste to your nails, such as nail polish, or apply wasp oil or white oil on your nails and fingers
wear gloves
If you bite your nails under certain conditions, for example when you are anxious or stressed, channel your anxiety or stress to other things, such as squeezing a ball, playing with a pencil, etc.
You can turn your mouth to other things, for example chewing gum, singing, whistling, etc.
do nail care (manicure)

In order to restore the condition of your nails and fingers to normal, you must try to break your habit first. After you stop your habit, slowly your nails and finger skin will improve. You can also do nail and finger care with a manicure to help improve the appearance of your nails and fingers.

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