Illustration of Hair?
Illustration: Hair?

Noon. I want my son to be 28 days old. From the first time he was born his hair was thin but flat. But I wonder why now his hair in the front is now bald. ????

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Hi Nayla,

Thank you for asking

The thickness of hair in babies is actually influenced strongly by genetic (hereditary) and hormonal factors. In most cases, thin baby hair is not really a condition to worry about. You need to worry if your child's baldness persists into adulthood, or if your child is experiencing excessive hair loss. If none of these types of complaints your child is experiencing, then the condition is likely not dangerous.

Baldness on the sides of the baby's front hair as it happens to your child can be caused by:

Genetics (heredity)
Hormonal disorders, for example if your child has problems with the function of the thyroid gland
Fungal infection of the baby's head
Damage to hair follicles, for example due to contact with certain chemical substances, wounds on the skin that are large enough and deep, side effects of medical procedures performed on the head area
Improper use of hair care products, such as shampoo or hair oil
Lack of nutrients, for example protein, zinc, iron, and so on

Try first on your child's condition through the following steps:

Breastfeed your baby exclusively to meet his nutritional needs
Increase the quality of your breast milk by consuming healthy and nutritious foods that are good for nourishing hair, such as avocado, fish oil, fish, red meat, eggs, milk and processed products, poultry, and so on.
Stay away from cigarettes
Treat your baby's hair and head with special baby products that do not contain harmful chemical substances
Do not use any therapy on the baby's hair, unless it has been consulted directly to a doctor

If you consistently make efforts to treat the condition of your baby's hair not getting better in 1 to 2 months, don't hesitate to get it checked out directly by a pediatrician for further treatment.

Naturally thicken hair

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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