Hair Breathing And Growth?

Illustration of Hair Breathing And Growth?
Illustration: Hair Breathing And Growth?

I want to weigh it. why when I close the nostril as a right and try to breathe using the left breathing slowly as if it’s obstructed, I already feel it from a small child. I don’t know exactly when … Why sometimes in my hand grows a long fine hair but white, my body is full of fine hair * I’m a woman

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Complaints that you experience with difficulty breathing in one of the nostrils, can occur due to several possibilities, including the condition of nasal polyps, konka hypertrophy, the presence of cysts or tumors in essence there is a certain mass that closes the respiratory tract. Another possibility could be due to a disturbance in the narrowed blood vessels, or even there is a reduction in structure or atrophy that can interfere with air circulation so that breathing does not feel relieved.

However, for simplicity, you should undergo a direct examination with the ENT doctor. Because with special tools such as cameras owned by ENT doctors, it can be immediately seen if there is indeed a mass and one of the diseases we mentioned earlier. Therefore our advice is to immediately consult a doctor, to take further action if it turns out that the condition is bothering you. If in the end you do not want the treatment options given by the doctor, no problem. But at least you know the diagnosis of your condition.

Meanwhile, for the growth of fine hair, this will depend on the genetic and hormone levels of each person. There are women who do have genetic or offspring with thick hairs, and there are also special medical conditions, such as PCOS or ovarian cysts, which cause hormonal imbalances in the female body and result in the appearance of fine hairs in undue locations in women, such as face and chest. For this reason, because further investigation is still needed and the trends are not clear, we suggest that you consult a general practitioner first. If the tendency is to a normal condition, you may be directed to a dermatologist, and if the tendency is to an ovarian cyst condition, you will be directed to an obstetrician. So, hopefully answering your question.

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