Hair Loss And Frequent Dizziness After Appendectomy?

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Appendicitis (appendicitis) occurs when the outlet of the appendix leading to the intestine becomes blocked, usually due to swollen lymph nodes or hardened stool. This condition causes the accumulation of inflammatory cells in the appendix, causing the appendix to become swollen, painful, and various typical complaints, such as moving abdominal pain (initially felt near the navel and then radiating to the lower right abdomen), nausea, vomiting , chills, bowel disorders, decreased appetite, and so on. If not treated properly, appendicitis can rupture and cause inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity (peritonitis) which can even be life threatening. Therefore, it is necessary to do definitive treatment, namely by surgery.

Appendix surgery, as long as it is performed by medical professionals for the right medical indications, actually rarely causes serious side effects. There are side effects that often occur in the vicinity of surgery, including inflammation of the surgical scar, infection of the surgical wound, and bleeding. Meanwhile, after a long period of time, sufferers may experience intestinal adhesions or pain that comes between the surgery scars due to the formation of scar tissue.

As for the easy loss and frequent dizziness that your younger class is experiencing, it is probably not directly related to appendicitis or previous surgery. More likely, this complaint arises from the following conditions:

Hormonal changes, for example during breastfeeding, pregnancy
Scalp infections, often fungi
Psychic stress
Side effects of taking certain drugs
Cancer (malignant tumor)
Lack of nutrition, and so on

You can encourage your younger sibling to check with the doctor directly so that the trigger of the complaint can be identified properly. That way, doctors can give him the right treatment according to the illness he is suffering from.

In the meantime, so that his complaints subside, you can suggest that he take the following steps:

Get more rest
Eat foods with a balanced nutritional value, rich in zinc, protein, iron, and other sources of nutrients that are good for hair
Don't overdo your hair
Not stress or anxiety for too long
Wash your hair every 1 to 2 days with a special anti-loss shampoo
Drink enough water
Do lots of relaxation

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