Hair Loss Easily Accompanied By Abnormal Nail Growth After A Low Protein Diet?

, sebekumnya I have a diet to reduce eating eggs and chicken. Until one day there were irregularities in the growth of my nails and my hair. My hair falls out younger, and my nails grow abnormally on only a few fingers, especially in the index finger of my left hand appearing a faint horizontal line followed by the other hand. I, go back to eating animal protein. What help should I do? thank you

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The condition that you are experiencing could be caused due to lack of nutrition due to the egg and chicken diet that you are running.

Egg yolks contain a substance called biotin. The functions of biotin include the following:

Maintaining the strength of the hair so as to prevent loss Maintaining the strength of the nail so it is not fragile Reducing blood sugar levels Maintaining skin health Maintaining nerve health Seeing the function of biotin above, the lack of egg intake in you, meaning that too much intake of biotin is contained in egg yolks. And this is what most likely causes symptoms of brittle nails and hair loss on you.

Besides egg white and chicken meat contain protein that functions as a builder and regeneration of body cells. Lack of protein intake will also cause brittle nails, hair, and other body tissues.

For that, you actually consume eggs and chickens to maintain good health and function of your body's tissues, but of course in reasonable amounts and not excessive. Eat regularly with balanced nutrition containing macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins that are sufficient. Consumption of water per day also maintain at least 2 liters per day (unless you have certain diseases that do not allow you to consume large amounts of water, such as kidney and heart disease).

To determine the right portion of food in maintaining ideal body weight, you can discuss it with a nutritionist so that the type and amount of food you consume can be adjusted to your weight and your activities.

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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