Hallucinations And Suicidal Thoughts?

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Hello doctor, I want to ask so I have a boy friend. For the past 5 months, he has always had extreme anxiety, he can also be said to be depressed because of the situation in the house and even more complex, he is now often hallucinating suddenly changing emotions for no apparent reason. After that he could hear voices in his brain that could not be heard by anyone else and it really dominated my friend’s mind. To the point that he wanted to commit suicide because he had so much in his brain that he said the person in his head was not alone but more than one person, so what should I do? Directly taken to a psychiatrist or addressed themselves? Because this is beyond the normal logic of people’s thinking. Thank you

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Hello Ellen

Hallucinations are a condition where a person feels that there is stimulation to his senses when in fact there is none, such as feeling that he hears a whisper or the actual sound of the voices and the whisper does not exist.

There are several things that cause a person to experience hallucinations such as narcotics use, side effects of certain medical drugs, Parkinson's disease, disorders of the central nervous system (such as brain tumors), or mental health disorders such as depression and schizophrenia for example.

Your friend should be persuaded to want to see him or her to the doctor so that further evaluation can be done to ascertain whether the factors that trigger the hallucinations, you can take him to a general practitioner first to be examined in general to ascertain whether there is a disturbance in his physical health (interference nerves, side effects of drugs, etc.) or on his mental health, but if indeed there is no history of physical health problems, it is advisable to immediately consult a psychiatrist.

Hallucinogenic symptoms should not be treated alone, because health problems that can trigger the condition can develop to be even worse (be it mental health problems or physical health problems). If late handling is given, conditions that have already become severe will certainly be difficult to handle.

In addition, although it has not been ascertained the exact cause of hallucinations such as those experienced by your friend, but it would be nice if the condition is not left alone. Because whispers or voices that can be continuously ordered to hurt himself or kill himself or hurt others around him.

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