Hallucinations During Sleep?

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I have a cousin who told me the same story. so like this, at night While sleeping He felt someone kissed him, but when he opened his eyes because he was shocked like someone had just wanted to stay away, that person was also a man, but in his house it was not inhabited by one man, which was why?

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Hello Novirda, Thank you for the question.

Does this complaint only occur once or it occurs several times? Did anyone see it? Hallucinations are disturbances in one's perception that causes him to see, hear, feel, or smell something that really does not exist. Patients are very sure that what they experienced was real when in fact it only existed in his mind. The complaint that your brother is conveying might be a hallucination of sleep. Sleep hallucinations are hallucinations that arise between sleep conditions and the awakening of a person. This condition is divided into two hypangogic hallucinations, which occur when a person will enter a state of sleep and hypnopompic hallucinations, which occur when a person will wake up. Some of the causes of this condition are anxiety, high stress, alcohol consumption, drug use, or insomnia. This condition usually does not require further medical treatment because it only happens at any time. Encourage your cousin to manage stress well. Try performing breathing relaxation techniques or meditation to calm the mind before going to sleep. If the complaint continues, encourage your cousin to consult with a psychiatrist further.

I hope this helps.

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