I want to ask why does my wrist suddenly hurt, especially when moving my thumb, sometimes the pain suddenly decreases but sometimes it hurts. Can it be due to hereditary factors? The thing is my mother and sister gave birth to her wrist suddenly hurt?

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Hello Indah, thank you for asking.

Pain in the wrist especially the area around the thumb can originate from the muscular, tendon, or nerve structure at that location. Generally this pain is felt to increase when there is movement. Sometimes accompanied by swelling and redness in the problematic location. In the long term if not treated can cause muscle weakness.

Some of the conditions that can cause pain that you are describing are:

Carpal tunnel syndrome Tendinitis Bursitis Myalgia due to finger use, especially the thumb constantly (for example in people who use a lot of cellphones or computers). You can try cold compresses, take pain medication labeled with green, and rest your thumb. If symptoms do not improve, immediately consult a doctor.

Hope this answer helps. Regards.

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