Handling After Being Bitten By A Cat?

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excuse me, I want to ask, in the morning at my workplace there is a cat stuck on its head, because I am a cat lover so I involuntarily ran to help him but because too many people the cat panicked so he bit my finger to the hole well there are around 30 minutes after I was bitten by only washing with water from the sink bite wound and I was flushed with cold water, I did not dare to use alcohol, but my fingers became swollen like that, my boss told me to immediately go to igd, coincidentally because I worked at the hospital, I was thinking that I don’t need to go to the igd because it’s just a cat bite, so I go to the igd is just a formality of accident at work. In the wound I was treated with bioplacenton and covered with bandages, and I was injected with tetanus, because in the RS where I work there is no cat rabies medication, but I was given mefenamic acid, omeprazole and cefadroxil monohydrate drugs, because I am not a person who is drug-dependent so I do not take cat rabies, but I am given mefenamic acid drugs, omeprazole and cefadroxil monohydrate. the medicine this afternoon, which I know mefenamic acid is a pain reliever, right? I think the wound doesn’t hurt so much that I don’t drink, while my omeprazole doesn’t drink because my stomach isn’t recurring, my question is it okay if I just drank it this afternoon, then is it okay if it’s just an infection drug and the omeprazole alone? that i drink ??

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Bites or scratches of certain types of animals such as dogs, cats, monkeys can pose a risk of rabies infection, which is a virus that attacks the nervous system and brain. Preventive action that can be done generally is by administering rabies vaccine at the first 72 hours after being bitten or scratched by animals. However, not all hospitals have rabies vaccine available and only in large hospitals that are generally referral centers. In addition to rabies, animal bites or scratches can also be at risk of causing tetanus infection, therefore prevention is also given tetanus vaccine in the event of a bite or scratch.

In addition to these two life-threatening things, the location of the bite or scratch is also at risk of bacterial infection, and pain is therefore also given antibiotics and pain relievers.

Cefadroxil is an antibiotic drug that functions to kill germs and bacteria that must be used in accordance with the recommendations given and consumed at least for at least 3 days to prevent the occurrence of resistance or germs become resistant to antibiotics. The use of antibiotics is not wise or stopped alone does not comply with the rules causing germs to be immune to antibiotics.

Mefenamic acid is a pain reliever that can be used if necessary, if you do not feel pain, this drug can be stopped, while omeprazole is given to prevent stomach irritation that can be caused by consuming mefenamic acid.

Need to know that drug dependence is different from the need for treatment therapy, in my case there is no indication of dependence or addiction to drugs, and these drugs are not addictive substances that cause dependence

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