Handling And Medication For Inflammation Of The Bile Duct?

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My doctor has a history of biliary tract disease … no gallstones. Only treatment for infection. 2 x hospitalization treatment at the hospital … If I may know what pain reliever is it?

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Inflammation of the bile ducts usually feels dull abdominal pain in the upper right abdomen which can lead to the right back. This pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as yellowish-colored skin or eyes, fever, nausea and vomiting.

Several factors can increase the risk of cholangitis, including:

Female sex
Currently undergoing hormone therapy.
Weight gain goes up or down too fast.

Some things that can be done for treatment are

Fasting or low-fat diet so that the workload of the gallbladder is reduced.
Giving fluids by infusion to avoid dehydration.
The use of drugs, such as anti-pain and inflammation can be used ibuprofen and if there is a cause of infection it is better to deal with infections such as bacterial infections means that treatment with antibiotics is needed.

The most important thing is to prevent recurring inflammation, what is done is.

Implement healthy polarization. Getting used to eating foods that are rich in fiber and low in fat, such as fruits or vegetables, can minimize the risk of cholecystitis.

Maintain ideal body weight. Excessive weight can increase a person's risk of cholecystitis. To maintain ideal body weight can be done by exercising discipline and implementing a healthy diet.

Lose weight gradually. Weight loss can drastically increase the risk of cholecystitis. If you include people who are overweight, it is advisable to reduce it gradually, which is half or one kilogram per week.

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