Handling Broken Front Teeth?

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3 weeks ago I fell off the motorbike and my 2 front teeth broke 50%, after checking with the doctor it turned out that my root canal was not yet open. If so, is the best treatment I can do, is it normal filling or dental crwoning?

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Your broken teeth will need to be explored further. Keep in mind what happened like a collision, accident, or due to medical action. It should also be known how the condition of the teeth after a broken and broken form formed after a broken tooth. Before going to the dentist, it is advisable to do some tips below as initial help for broken teeth:

Try to attach the fracture to the original tooth. Then bite into the gauze or the wet tea bag slowly so the teeth don't move much. Be careful not to swallow the tooth.
If you find it difficult to do the above, put a broken tooth in a container containing a little cow's milk or saliva, then take it to the dentist.
If the broken part of the tooth hurts, you can take paracetamol as an anti-pain medication if you are not allergic to the treatment.
Use gum to cover the sharp part of the tooth so it doesn't hurt the gums, tongue or tissue around the broken tooth.
Choose the consumption of foods that are soft, avoid chewing using broken teeth.

It is recommended to consult the dentist first. Can be carried out a physical examination related to broken teeth, and can be done the selection of therapeutic modalities. Here are some ways to repair damaged teeth that can be done by a dentist:

1. Sticking broken teeth (gluing)
Using special glue, the dentist can reattach the broken tooth piece to the original tooth.

2. Conditioning
Dentists can also use resin or special materials to repair broken teeth. First, the tooth surface is rubbed with liquid or gel. Next, the tooth pieces are attached using special dental adhesives and resin which is the same color as the teeth. After looking like natural teeth, the material will be hardened with ultraviolet light.

If only a small piece of protective layer (enamel) has broken, the doctor can repair the damage by patching the teeth.

4. Brown teeth
If broken teeth are large or badly damaged, the doctor can cover the teeth that are still attached to the gums with brown teeth.

5. Dental energy
The dentist can also repair broken teeth with a vein, so the teeth appear intact again. The coating covering all of these teeth can be made of porcelain which is the same color as teeth or composite resin material.

6. Root canal treatment
If the broken tooth is large enough to make the pulp (the part of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels) visible, the doctor will recommend procedures for treating the root canals. This is done so that bacteria from the mouth cannot enter and infect the pulp.

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