Handling Burns That Are Accidentally Peeled Off?

Illustration of Handling Burns That Are Accidentally Peeled Off?
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want to ask, a few days ago my feet were doused with hot oil, now the bubbles have started to disappear but my leg skin was scratched by my pants until the pink inner layer of skin was visible, what treatment should I do?

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 Previously, you need to know that burns consist of several degrees of severity, including:

 Degree 1: minor burns marked by redness in the burned skin area. Degree 2: divided into degrees 2a (superficial partial thickness) and degree 2b (deep partial thickness). This type of burn is characterized by redness of the skin to pink, very painful and can appear bubbles / bubbles filled with fluid. Grade 3: affects deeper areas of the skin, and causes extensive and severe damage. Characterized by brownish / blackish skin, the treatment of burns varies depending on the severity of the burns found. First degree burns generally do not require any treatment. It is recommended to wash the wound under running water for 15-20 minutes with plain water (not too cold).

In second-degree burns, as you experience at this time can be treated at home, that is by keeping the wound moist to stimulate the growth of new skin tissue. Wash the wound under running water after being exposed to hot oil and apply a burn ointment to moisturize the wound. After that, it can be closed or dressed with gauze dressing or with a more modern wound closure method, namely opsite, integra, xentograph, allograft, etc. Perform an examination to the nearest doctor to get a special ointment burn.

The use of antibiotic ointments can be considered if there is a high risk for infection in the burn area. Taking pain relievers is strongly recommended to help reduce pain due to burns. Don't forget to consume enough fluids to avoid the risk of dehydration.
 It is advisable to conduct further consultations with a plastic surgeon or the nearest general practitioner to get the right examination and treatment options.
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